…hØwling lØØn…unlike anything he’s done before and at the same time couldn’t have come from anyone else.

…One of most appealing things about Jeff Oster’s music is that the New Age jazz trumpet and flugelhorn king is always testing the limits of the genre, often breaking free of it.

The constancy of his art through all the experimentation is his devotion to a chilled out mood and it’s always interesting to hear him take different approaches to achieve that goal.

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Mightiest of the Mellow Jeff Oster – h​Ø​wling l​Ø​Ø​n (August 2023):

Our friend Jeff Oster, horn player extraordinaire, is always at the “forefront” in releasing new music that is (undoubtedly) in the mightiest of the mellow fashion… It will come as no surprise that this new release is one of the most amazing you will ever hear!

If you’re in any way inclined towards music that reaches deep down inside your soul and stirs the dreams, you’ll want to be sure to check this one OUT, folks!

Dick Metcalf
Contemporary Fusion Reviews

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