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One good thing about 2015 is that nothing means anything anymore. Music is completely amorphous—hip teens from Omaha slow down elevator music and invent vaporwave. Fat little white kids appropriate the hip-hop vernacular and end up on World Star. Even the indie rock wimps make black metal now. You can pretty much do whatever you want. When Mac Demarco rips off Barry Manilow and bros mosh to it in sold-out venues, you know that the concept of “Cool Music” is gone. (more…)


All That Cassini Jazz: Musician Uses Saturn’s True Voice to Make Beautiful Music, 04.23.08

Imagine being able to listen to the music of the ringed planet Saturn. Now you can! Musician Jeff Oster has turned the eerie sounds coming from the Cassini spacecraft into “Saturn Calling,” a beautiful, ambient, new age jazz piece. “Saturn Calling” won the 2008 Independent Music Award for Best New Age Song and is the first song heard on Oster’s latest album, “True.”

– Laura Woodmansee – NASA and JPL (Apr 23, 2008)


While his ambient-electronic approach to the trumpet and flugelhorn are perhaps not as commercial and in the pocket as 2000s hitmakers Rick Braun and Chris Botti, the Florida-bred Jeff Oster — years after abandoning his musical dreams in favor of success in the financial world — scored impressive breakthrough success in the new age world with his 2005 debut Released. (more…)