S. Victor Aaron’s Review of Brothers

Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster + Tom Eaton – ‘Brothers’ (2021)

The following review was published by S. Victor Aaron at somethingelsereviews.com

During these stressful times, I find myself enjoying soothing music more than I ever did. Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster and Tom Eaton have been making those kind of sounds for years and now they’ve joined forces to proffer that serenity as a formidable group with their new collaboration Brothers.

Will Ackerman is such an imposing figure in the New Age universe, I wonder if I even need to mention that this gifted guitarist is the guy who started Windham Hill Records. Jeff Oster came on the scene later, and was given his big break as a recording artist by Ackerman over fifteen years ago, but the trumpet and flugelhorn maestro has since done nothing but improved on the New Age genre by making it groove and his horn’s pure, controlled tone adds poignancy to any subdued mood. On Brothers, his flugelhorn often functions as the lead voice.

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